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I (literally) think this will work!

Countdown to the Peace Intention Experiment:

The Intention Experiment is embarking on a series of scientific studies to determine whether ‘group mind’ has the power to increase peace and cooperation in war-torn areas around the world experiencing high levels of conflict and violence.

Although many meditation groups and other peace initiatives are being formed and studied, the Peace Intention Experiment represents the first scientific study of whether collective targeted intention can restore peace.

One should always try a simple solution before a complex solution, they say. It makes sense, does it not? Won’t our government with its massive defense budget look silly if it turns out we can end global conflicts and violence simply by utilizing the power of our minds, and from the comfort of our homes!

If this sounds too good to be true…perhaps we should do something to make it true. I would like to suggest the following supporting experiment — let us all focus our intentions into making sure that the above experiment is a success!

Who would like to step forward and propose an experiment to support my experiment?

For your reading pleasure

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Taleban squatters in Tora Bora again

BBC News.

Hey, the CIA built those caves! When are these cheapskate tennants going to start paying a fair rent?

Einstein’s general theory of historical relativity

Did you know that historical facts can actually change depending on where in the world you are? It’s true, and the phenomena is fascinating. It may be close to the kind of thing Richard Feynman was getting at with his concept of multiple histories.

Consider a Reuters global opinion poll in which respondents were asked who was responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.

The survey of 16,063 people in 17 nations found majorities in only nine countries believe al Qaeda was behind the attacks on New York and Washington that killed about 3,000 people in 2001.

In Europe, al Qaeda was cited by 56 percent of Britons and Italians, 63 percent of French and 64 percent of Germans. The U.S. government was to blame, according to 23 percent of Germans and 15 percent of Italians.

Respondents in the Middle East were especially likely to name a perpetrator other than al Qaeda, the poll found.

Israel was behind the attacks, said 43 percent of people in Egypt, 31 percent in Jordan and 19 percent in the Palestinian Territories. The U.S. government was blamed by 36 percent of Turks and 27 percent of Palestinians.

In Mexico, 30 percent cited the U.S. government and 33 percent named al Qaeda.

Now we have known for a long time that facts can change depending on the observer’s state of motion. What we are beginning to learn is that motion seems to have little to do with it. Facts just seem to change depending on which patch of the earth you are standing on at the moment.

What is not fully understood is the mechanism by which this occurs. I have heard top physicists postulate the existence of some kind of dynamic and invisible field, not unlike the electromagnetic field, which toggles historical propositions on or off according to laws which are not yet evident to us. If this hypothesis turns out to be valid, it may begin to explain many strange anomalies that have baffled observers, such as the way in which basic facts about who started what war for what reason change completely according to one’s present geographic location.

For example, the proposition “North Korea fought a defensive war in response to the invasion by the United States and South Korea past the 38th parallel on June 25, 1950” becomes factually true when you are standing in the geographic region which lies between Russia and South Korea.

Much research needs to be done before we are able to crack the mystery conclusively, but one thing is clear — this is an exciting new area of scientific inquiry that everyone will want to pay attention to.

The greatest blog

The greatest blog ever to grace the internet can be found at It is titled simply “The American Dream”.

This blog began and ended on July 3, 2005. It has only one post, and it only needs one. The writing achieves an elegance the Den has sometimes striven for. The author is clearly an astute student of history. His ideas are profound and original. He draws on a wide knowledge of literature to support them by citing verses from history’s great poets such as Kurt Cobain. His artful use of all-caps could be considered poetic in itself.

No excerpt can do the piece justice, but below is a short one.

Here we are in the Twenty-first Century helplessly watching yet another Human Culture is “Oppressed” by a “White Suppremest Imperialistic Power”. Who’s country is the opposite of independent and who’s Rich illustrious lifestyle is nothing more than the “Spoils of War” A Nation that FORCES its POLITICAL GOALS upon another society through MILITARY POWER is called an Empire. And when its POLITICAL GOALS are RACIALY and FINANCIALLY motivated its called a “HATE CRIME” or WAR CRIME/CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY

(:sniffle: I always need a Kleenex when I get to that part)

“Read the whole thing” are words I do not use lightly, but if ever they applied…! I am certain you will be as impressed as I was, and perhaps it will change the way you think about the world, and about life. Perhaps you will even wish to add this superior link to your blogroll, as I am now considering.

Georgia: It’s really quite simple

The clearest, sharpest commentary on the Georgia situation is surely coming from one of the great publications of our time. Yes, I’m speaking of Pravda.

World Opinion Favors Russia – Winning the Media War

Even Americans are saying, “Thank you Russia for standing up to the crackpots in control of our government.”…

…Their all too numerous outlets are pummeling the world community with distortions, trying to shove the castor oil of the empire down our collective throats, but the gag reflex is well intact and their lies remain unpalatable.

Condoleeza Rice, What is Wrong With You?

Are you hysterical or what? Having a difficult menopause? How many times do we have to tell you, Russia calls the shots these days. So keep your hysterical whining to yourself and stop reiterating the same thing time and time again. Russia will withdraw from Georgia when it sees fit. And if it doesn’t see fit, it won’t. Russian troops will move around Georgia for as long as they like. As and when they like. As and when they choose.

Is Condoleeza Rice stupid?

OK her boss is, we all know that and that’s why nobody pays any attention to what he says or if they do, it is to have a good laugh at how such an imbecile could supposedly rule the roost in Washington (when everyone knows it is Cheney and his energy and arms lobbies). So Bush gets a discount, like the uncle that farts at family dinners, like the retarded nephew who belches swearwords after his third litre of Coke, like the simpleton that sits outside the church on Sundays begging for money informing everyone that he is an astronaut on Thursday afternoons.

Bush, Cheney and Rice; Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels

With what moral authority do these mainstays of the neoconservative, corporate elitist, greedy, self-interested Washington regime speak, when in their own closet there are skeletons labelled Abu Ghraib, Iraq, Guantanamo, mass murder, war crimes, illegal invasion, torture, illegal detention, disrespect for international law, denial of due process, rape…?

Up until now you might not have known what to think about Georgia. It might have seemed like a complicated affair, like there could be two sides to what’s going on, or that you might have to study the issue further, when in fact all you need to know to be educated on this episode of history in the making is that Bush is an uncle that farts at family dinners, Cheney is a rapist, and Condoleeza Rice is having a difficult menopause.

That should clear up that. Now back to cheering for our Olympic heroes.

Uh-uh. Nope. Too late. You can’t say that

I’m tired of all these people in or working closely with the military speaking their minds on military matters. Get a load of this guy:

The war continues to abate in Iraq. Violence is still present, but, of course, Iraq was a relatively violent place long before Coalition forces moved in. I would go so far as to say that barring any major and unexpected developments (like an Israeli air strike on Iran and the retaliations that would follow), a fair-minded person could say with reasonable certainty that the war has ended.

Hold on here. Didn’t a certain US senator already declare failure in Iraq? Wasn’t the declaration made over a year ago? Is Michael Yon even paying attention to things??

Message to Michael Yon: Once in awhile you should step away from the field where the action is actually taken place and into the far rear echelons of politics back home,  where facts and first-hand observations can’t get in the way of popular memes and biases, and if you had done so you might have been able to learn that the war has long since been over, dood. We LOST it by congressional fiat.

Also worth stating is that while the senator who declared the surge in Iraq a failure received some criticism for doing so, the pronouncement was, if anything, too late. The proper time to declare a war effort a failure should be the moment when the first American body bag is filled. That’s how you teach our enemies not to mess.

All I really needed to know I learned from playing Starcraft

Michael Shermer wrote that “ever since Skeptic magazine published an investigative article on the 9/11 ‘Truth Movement’ and analyzed their claims, which were found wanting, I have been hounded by the so-called 9/11 ‘truthers’ because I am the editor of the magazine and therefore am suppose to be a ‘skeptic’ of the official explanation for 9/11.” Thereafter, it became difficult for Shermer to give a lecture anywhere on any subject without a truther present in the audience to stand up and press him with uncomfortable questions. When he reported this at his website, truthers emerged from the four corners of the Internet to argue in the skeptics’ home court.

Truthers come out forcefully in large numbers in the least expected places, as you can witness for yourself by browsing the comments on any Youtube video remotely related to the topic. Their efforts have not been entirely unsuccessful. A poll indicated that over a third of Americans believe it likely that the government either allowed to happen or carried out themselves the attacks of 9/11. (Naturally, the number goes up when you leave the States; a majority in India do not believe that al Qaeda was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Bin laden is very furious about this)

I admire the tactics of truthers. They are the same tactics which countless hours playing the Starcraft Zerg–hours which I would not trade for all the ice cream in the world–have burned into my warfaring soul.

What the Truth Movement, the Zerg race, the ancient Persians, Carl von Clausewitz, the commanders on both sides of the Battle of Stalingrad, and Eric Shinseki have all understood is that victory on the battlefield–as well as truth and right–is decided not by quality but by quantity of attack. The greater the number of troops, the more annoying, the faster you can produce them, the better. Also, I believe Clausewitz included in his famous treatise a chapter on the importance of spawning enough Overlords <- Yes, do click that.

“The pigs will not stop”!

Sometimes the big news isn’t on Fox or CNN but has been hiding in your inbox all this time:



London to DC (March 15-19 2008)
-Join us for World Against War I, the antiwar protest for the people and

We are a clandestine organization located within the United States forging an
underground movement for the people. We are deeply affected by the events
following September 11th and the genocide in the Middle east. Our intention is
to disrupt the illegal empire and stop the war machine from functioning from
the inside. We will engage the enemy, take advantage of vulnerabilities and
expose every weakness. We encourage the people to standup and stand strong with confidence, leadership, and continue organizing against every form of struggle.

The politicians in America will continue to wage war for glory and the pigs
will not stop, until they are jailed for their crimes against humanity.

We call on all free nations of the world, to unite, in our struggle against
tyranny and imperialism.

The u$ government, International Bankers, war profiteering corporations,
along with the president and his administration are guilty.

In just four short years, the people of the united states has murdered over one
million civilians in Iraq. The parties representing the American people during
the genocide, were the DEMOCRAT and REPUBLICAN Parties. The current
Democrat and Republican parties that are campaigning for President were
DIRECTLY involved in these Crimes Against Peace and will continue using the
imperial doctrine.

The military war machine continues to feed off the blood of the innocent ruled
by the wealthy elite majority. They are now continuing to spread more lies
about other countries, breeding hate for the next targets for preemptive
invasion. The American media networks are also guilty of war crimes and crimes
against humanity for their involvement in using advanced propaganda techniques against the American people.

America’s dignity and long standing history has been destroyed forever and the
people will continue to struggle. We must demand an International tribunal for
the entire federal government, media organizations, and all those who
participated in these war crimes.

Rebel States must consider separation from the union to save itself from
slavery by the Federal Reserve dollar.

We the people must use every resource available to save mankind from American politicians and special interest war profiteering corporations who will
continue to lobby war for profit with the blood of innocent children.

Join us for…
MARCH 15-19 2008

jim and the CHANGE team

this message has been sponsored by 0War & LOOSE CHANGE




This message really opened my eyes. And it contains a plot twist I didn’t see coming! Just like an M. Night Shyamalan movie it jumps out at you from nowhere at all, and just like an M. Night Shyamalan movie the presentation is absolutely perfect. I was aware of course that tyranny and crimes against humanity are real, but never would have suspected that these problems originate…guess where? In the good ol’ U$! (if you’re stuck on that one, don’t fret; I was too for awhile, but it’s not hard to figure out if you think about it)

Who could possibly have guessed that the people of the United States have murdered over one million civilians in Iraq? I certainly do not remember doing this, but admittedly my memory is short. I can’t pretend that I don’t make mistakes from time to time. So it is plausible–even probable–that you and I could have committed this horrendous crime and have been repressing the memory of it.

Apparently, shocking though it may sound, it is true that the American media are also guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. THAT’S WHY THEY HAVEN’T PICKED UP THIS STORY. It all makes sense.

The Civil War analogy used in the message is also very appropriate, and one Abe Lincoln and Frederick Douglass would no doubt be proud of.

Therefore I have opted to go beyond forwarding this message to my friends and family. I’m putting it up here on my blog so that THE TRUTH CAN GET OUT and CHANGE CAN HAPPEN. If you were moved by the message, you’ll do the same. Unless……….you like war?

Turning on the gay

Remember the “Gay Bomb” project? This study reported at LiveScience suggests to the inventive mind that it might have merit yet!

While several studies find homosexuality in humans and other animals is biological rather than learned, a question remains over whether it’s a hard-wired phenomenon or one that can be altered.

A new study finds drugs or genetic manipulation can turn the homosexual behavior of fruit flies on and off within a matter of hours.

Post-doctoral researcher Yael Grosjean found that all male fruit flies with a mutation in their GB gene courted other males.

“It was very dramatic,” Featherstone said. “The GB mutant males treated other males exactly the same way normal male flies would treat a female. They even attempted copulation.”

THAT is what I want to see happening in every al Qaeda tent, and I want each such event videotaped and distributed across Al Jazeera if at all possible. Let us hope that the War On Terror™ lasts long enough for us to witness the day when the technology exists to detonate megatons of Gay Bomb on our enemies at will.