dear mister bush

dear mister bush,

why do you hate muslims? is it becuase they’r not conservative christians like you? over 100,000,000 million have died in your war of aggression. how much is enough, mister bush? The whole world knows your “war on terror” is a lie. we watch CNN after all. there was no wmd in iraq. the wmd was given to saddam by in short your responsible for saddam having wmd. there was no wmd in iraq (except for the wmd that was in iraq) and that’s only reason for invading iraq. so in short the whole reasons for invading iraq was is based on a lie. “lie” spelled backwards is “eil”. change the “e” to “o” and you get “oil”. and thats’ real reason for invasion, is it not mister bush? now you pretned is was about democracy all along. but you never mention democracy before. anyway everybody knows muslims incompatible with democracy. just like japanese and koreans were incompatible with democracy. everybody knows that. except you, mister bush, and thats why your racist. and the reasons muslims dying in middle east is all becuase of jews and american imperialism. now lookat the tragic waste of money and human life because of your war of choice in iraq. the money could have gone to funding my abortion. we’ve so many problems in america because of your fault, mister bush. like outsourcing jobs and paris hilton. why’s it such a big deal if people in another country want to gas each other or feed eachother into wood chippers? you should let other cultures do as they please if you really care about “freedom”.you should’ve stayed out of iraqi people’s business and just take bribes from saddam like everyone else. also, north korea and iran are a problem too, but only when a democrat presidential candidate says so. I hope you listening to me. basically you’re teh worst president in history of the world. tahnk you for your time.

from a patriot

P.S. please stop torturing innocent civilians across the country too

P.S.S. can I date your daughter?


8 responses to “dear mister bush

  1. This letter really spoke to me. I especially agreed about the 100,000,000 million people that have died because of President Bush. That number sounds about right. Also, I found the argument about “lie” and “oil” to be particularly compelling. However, I think this letter was a little too intelligent to be real – too many details and not enough ad hominem attacks.

  2. the details are necesary. bush is to stupid to understand if you don’t spell everything out for him. he is so stupid he still does’nt realize what a colossal waste his war his. if the “war on terror” were real he would stop fighting it. when you go attack another person’s country of course they going fight back. you don’t win war by fighting the enemy. it just makes teh enemy fight back. any 4th grader can figure that out.

    also I am maybe not intelligent, but I am more intelligent than bu$h, cheney, rove, condi, and all republicans who just go start stupid wars fro fun. also, all republicans are lying sneaky double-dealing criminal masterminds at the same time they are stupid

  3. Well, Hydrolisk, as I am a Republican, I guess you believe I’m stupid too. If so, why did you bother posting on my blog? I have been called many things by people who have disagreed with me before, but “stupid” has never been one of them.

    Neither is it really smart to bash the president when terrorists read blogs. Don’t you understand that you are making them happy? Whether you like it or not, and no matter who’s fault you perceive it to be, there are people out there who want you and me dead, because we are not Islamic extremists.

    I don’t agree with the socialistic Democratic philosophy, but I don’t say that all Democrats are stupid. There are good and smart people in both parties. I have many friends who are both Democrats and smart. We need to quit harping at each other and act like American adults. Incidently I don’t agree with Bush on everything, or Condi either, but I’m against socialism, and that seems to be what the majority of Democrats in Washington are pushing for. Still, there are a few Democrats who have my respect. To put them all in the same category and refer to all Democrats as stupid would make me stupid.

    Just my two cents. *sigh*

  4. Gayle, I recommend you read through my post again. Be sure to click on each of the links. You see how well they support what I’m saying

  5. I agree with Gayle. We, the members of the Wolfcauldian brigade, fall to see the humor in this letter.

    Do you read a beautiful revolution? Andre, its author, has composed a beautiful letter:

  6. Oh quit pulling my leg, ortho 🙂

    And that’s a nice letter by Andre.

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