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Business syphilis

Colbert explains the bailout.

America’s 10 most confusing traffic signs

These are simply awesome.

I (literally) think this will work!

Countdown to the Peace Intention Experiment:

The Intention Experiment is embarking on a series of scientific studies to determine whether ‘group mind’ has the power to increase peace and cooperation in war-torn areas around the world experiencing high levels of conflict and violence.

Although many meditation groups and other peace initiatives are being formed and studied, the Peace Intention Experiment represents the first scientific study of whether collective targeted intention can restore peace.

One should always try a simple solution before a complex solution, they say. It makes sense, does it not? Won’t our government with its massive defense budget look silly if it turns out we can end global conflicts and violence simply by utilizing the power of our minds, and from the comfort of our homes!

If this sounds too good to be true…perhaps we should do something to make it true. I would like to suggest the following supporting experiment — let us all focus our intentions into making sure that the above experiment is a success!

Who would like to step forward and propose an experiment to support my experiment?

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Taleban squatters in Tora Bora again

BBC News.

Hey, the CIA built those caves! When are these cheapskate tennants going to start paying a fair rent?