Evolutionary computing close to proving the superiority of the Zerg

Lee Graham has developed software which allows users to simulate Darwinian evolution on their home computers. He asks for a little use of your CPU in exchange for a download of the program.

The software generates virtual creatures in a 3D environment and tests them based on their locomotive capacities, or other user-controlled selection criteria. Generation after generation is spawned, with the “genes” of the more successful creatures propagating, and mutation allowing for new body structures to come into being. Youtube hosts numerous videos of creatures that users have submitted after running the software long enough to get interesting results.

Of course evolution, like geopolitics, isn’t fun without the competition getting violent! What would happen if you put all the most successful creatures in a single environment and ran the program allowing them to duke it out for as long as it takes in order for one species to convincingly establish itself as dominant? I think you would be left with a creature that looks kinda like this:

4 responses to “Evolutionary computing close to proving the superiority of the Zerg

  1. I’d have to agree, though this may be a close second:

  2. Oh and though somewhat unrelated, I preferred the Hydralisk with one claw to the new three-clawed variant.

  3. No fair, that thing didn’t evolve! It was intelligently created!

  4. Not really evolution as it is parasitic mutation…
    Still, I’ve been a SC addict since about ’99, so this makes me really happy.
    I’m online like all the time, just look for
    R)ace@uswest if you wanna play some hydra-ranchers or a 4v4 BGH…

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