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The Den is on hiatus

Will return when my health improves.

America’s 10 most confusing traffic signs

These are simply awesome.

Gotta cram for this

…37% , doh.

37% is not gonna cut it. A 37% is yourself lying face up on the ground with most of your face missing, two hours into the first day.

Will retry until I can get at least a 68%. A 68% is barely getting the car to start as the glass of the driver’s seat window shatters, giving way to a half-decayed groping hand, which you frantically lop off with a rusty hacksaw. Steering with your other hand, you bang your way past other cars stalled on the road, trying your best to ignore the screams coming from within, swerve once abruptly to shake off a putrid body that was still clinging onto the hood, and make for the main road towards the nearest gas station. You may or may not still be breathing when dawn breaks, but you know you’ve got a fighting chance.

Female porn part 2

Right here. “Join now and get instant access to 500,000 pics of hand written love letters.”

Godwin’s Second Law

We all know Godwin’s First Law:

As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.

According to Wikipedia, Godwin introduced the above as a memetic experiment. I’m wondering if the same could be done with his Second Law:

As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a rant involving Bush or his administration approaches one.

A friend and I may have come up with it, but we’d be glad to attribute it to Godwin if it would speed up memetic acceleration. I’m a half a mind to write up a Wikipedia entry on it now in order to get it going. What do you think?

The Boobah Zone

The Boobah Zone

Net stress-reliever or net stress-aggravator? You be the judge.



Back in the saddle, but the saddle fell off the horse

I’m back from vacation and something is wrong. Part of that something is that my own computer is in storage in another state while the computer I am stuck using is running an operating system about which I had thought there are no WWI veterans still alive who can remember. (“Windows 98” according to the splash screen.Anyone ever heard of it?)

The other part is that, oddly, I am not finding myself in the mood to poke fun of any political big-wigs, not even Al Gore. Must be something the vacation did to me. If you wanna hear about it you can keep reading, but you’ve been warned: Nowhere below is Al Gore made fun of, and I’m terribly sorry about that.

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Gone for a month

Pretty soon here I’ll be busy moving into a new apartment, traveling to see my sister’s wedding, and taking a vacation. The Den will be vacant during this time. See you in about a month!

Chris Hitchens, uniter of men

A thing occurred to me as I was reading through everyone’s blogs and saw Hitchens’ name mentioned at more than one juncture. No doubt if you could assemble my blogroll in one room there would be shouting, cursing, the calling of names, but there is, if I’m not mistaken, one thing that unites us all — we all (most of us) respect the Hitch.

Which is not to say that anyone agrees with the man all of the time, because that just ain’t humanly possible.

I had been wondering what I can do to find more blogs to link up with and now I know the answer! I must search for blogs that invoke the name of Hitch! Hitchens will bring us together. Hitchens will gather us, solidify us, perfect us. (And people call the guy a contrarian! How little they know)