Back in the saddle, but the saddle fell off the horse

I’m back from vacation and something is wrong. Part of that something is that my own computer is in storage in another state while the computer I am stuck using is running an operating system about which I had thought there are no WWI veterans still alive who can remember. (“Windows 98” according to the splash screen.Anyone ever heard of it?)

The other part is that, oddly, I am not finding myself in the mood to poke fun of any political big-wigs, not even Al Gore. Must be something the vacation did to me. If you wanna hear about it you can keep reading, but you’ve been warned: Nowhere below is Al Gore made fun of, and I’m terribly sorry about that.

Although I visited the lovely islands of Maui and Oahu, I had a mixed experience, with the negative side having been health-related, and the negative side was significant. But here at Den of Hydralisks we are committed to presenting to you a glass that is half-full, especially when the contents of that glass are steaming cow urine which drips over the side and cascades down one’s fingers.

Seriously, the highlights of the trip were these:

  • Attending my sister’s wedding, the ostensible reason for taking a trip to Hawaii. It was a good one. (I mean the marriage, not the reason) She picked a winner and so did he.
  • Hanging with the family. We all of us managed to get over to Maui because nobody wanted to miss out on the fabulous bea–er, the fabulously beautiful wedding ceremony =) And so delighted were we to share in the joy of the newlywed couple that most of us stayed with them on the island throughout their honeymoon. Most of us stayed with them after their honeymoon. Some of us even loafed around for a week in their house, or in my case, slept in their bedroom. (I’m not making this up!)
  • Meeting up with two old university friends who I was surprised to discover had not yet returned to their home country of Taiwan. We enjoyed a wild night on the town together. (Translation: we went out for ice cream. Is there anything else to do on the north shore??)
  • Chatting for 30 minutes with a mouth-wateringly hot girl who I approached while killing time in the international marketplace in Waikiki. The cutest and sexiest shopgirl I could find, she was. And turned out to also be from Taiwan. (I gotta get myself over there one of these days)
  • Playing the Nintendo Wii for the very first time. It’s everything it’s made out to be and more. It’s the hope of humanity.
  • Swimming, snorkeling, and all dat kine. Sure, there are plenty of attractive attractions in the tourists pamphlets, but for your dime the beach and the ocean cannot be beat. I’m just glad it wasn’t until the end of my trip when I turned on the National Geographic channel to watch a program about how jellyfish are increasing in our oceans worldwide. (The problem seems to be anthropogenic, they said. Why am I not shocked?) They even did a segment on Waikiki.
  • Not thinking about what I’m gonna blog today.

7 responses to “Back in the saddle, but the saddle fell off the horse

  1. Welcome back! Sounds like a great trip

  2. Wow, were we on the same trip? I guess that really was a glass-half-full kind of report (to say nothing of the urine part. Eew). I’m glad to hear that you got to talk to hot girl over there. I mean, I saw my share of such, but as for actual lady-ing, I was absolutely dormant. From my own experience, family events have always been bad for me socially.

  3. Thanks, Randy! I’m glad my spin worked! Seriously, this hydralisk loves Hawaii.

    Zugman, well I was there longer than you. And I got to experience Super Paper Mario on Joe’s Wii, which I think would have been enough to turn your whole trip around had you the same opportunity!

    I don’t like the term lady-ing! Makes it sound too much like a sport. (which I suppose it actually is!) And you know that I don’t normally do such kind of thing. Not unless I’m around that many cute Asians!

  4. Hi Hydralisk!

    During the next few months, I hope you will write posts that “poke fun” of Al Gore. He deserves, no needs, fun poking.

    By the way, I found a photography exhibit by O Zhang, that, I think, will interest you.

  5. LOL ortho, how do you get this stuff? Oh yeah, the same way we all do–by plumbing the depths of the internet for all things cute, amusing, hilarious, eccentric, or creepy.

    It’s true about Al Gore. The funnest poke that could be applied to the man would never be enough.

  6. Sounds like a good trip! I especially like the part about the lady….:)

    Good to have you back “around these parts.”

  7. Awww…you think we’re winners!
    The next time you want to sleep horribly in an un-airconditioned house somewhere in the vicinity of the hot girl, you know who to call.

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