Chris Hitchens, uniter of men

A thing occurred to me as I was reading through everyone’s blogs and saw Hitchens’ name mentioned at more than one juncture. No doubt if you could assemble my blogroll in one room there would be shouting, cursing, the calling of names, but there is, if I’m not mistaken, one thing that unites us all — we all (most of us) respect the Hitch.

Which is not to say that anyone agrees with the man all of the time, because that just ain’t humanly possible.

I had been wondering what I can do to find more blogs to link up with and now I know the answer! I must search for blogs that invoke the name of Hitch! Hitchens will bring us together. Hitchens will gather us, solidify us, perfect us. (And people call the guy a contrarian! How little they know)


5 responses to “Chris Hitchens, uniter of men

  1. Hitchens really is great. I must say I love the man a bit more every day. I just finished his “God is Not Great”, and even though I am personally religious, I think he makes a very compelling argument that can not be overlooked.

    A man who sticks to his guns, even though it pisses off sectarians on all sides.

  2. That curious combination of being hawkish, socialist, and anti-religion all at the same time seems almost tailored to leave no person on the planet un-pissed! But yes, he does stick to his guns.

  3. Hitchens pisses me off! I want to piss on him!

  4. ortho stice, you have until 5:00 to clean your desk and be off my blogroll 😀

    btw, it’s nice to see your comments aren’t counted as spam anymore. You must have created a wordpress account.

  5. I tend to find Hitch a bit shallow in the way he presents his arguments. He parses facts too often (maybe just to save time during a debate), but I do like to listen to his retorts….a lot like Al Sharpton.

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