Ahmadinejad in Pajamas!

You gotta say this much for those Ayatollahs. They’ve picked up on the propaganda potential of internet technology faster than your average theocratic thugs. Iranian president Ahmadinejad has his personal blog! Well now, that’s more than you can say for Mister Bush, isn’t it? It proves beyond dispute that one of the two leaders at least is in touch with his people. This definitely makes up for all the Iranian bloggers that government has been putting in jail (and probably torturing) for the views they express.

A comment section is provided on Ahmadinejad’s blog so that you, yes you, can welcome the great man to the blogosphere, tell him how much you admire his wisdom and courage and how eager you personally are to see the Zionist state obliterated at his trusted discretion. Kind of like how I imagine participating in a handshake event with Joseph Goebbels would have been like.

Here’s the message I submitted:

In terms of civil, political and religious rights, you head one of the least free countries in the entire world. Allah be praised when ruthless, twisted, toxically deranged Jew-hating excrement like Khamenei and yourself are out of power.

My first draft was less nice, but for the purpose of having it pass review and be displayed among the other comments I guess it doesn’t matter.

(Hat tip to Raw Feed)


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