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Chinese Quitting CCP in Droves

30,000 Chinese are quitting the Communist Party every day. Gosh, I wonder what’s got into them?

Torture in China

What methods are Chinese authorities using these days? From just one article alone you can glean a lot.

• suspension by handcuffs behind the back (a kind of strappado)
• slamming head against the wall
• beatings with pipes
• beatings with hammers
• beatings with electric batons
• good old fist beatings
• bamboo spikes
• submersion in sewage

Some of their other favorites include burnings, sexual abuse, electric shock, force feedings, drug torture, freezing and exposure, and water dungeons. You don’t suppose the Chinese government’s statement last year criticizing the human rights record of the USA should be taken to mean we ought to be trying a little harder to do things their way?