We should all be ashamed for having offended this poor man

Sudan is angered by genocide claims.

The Sudanese government has responded angrily after an international prosecutor accused President Omar al-Bashir of genocide in Darfur.

Well, Western civilization, what do you expect when you go barging in the front door of other nations’ homes haughtily telling them how to run their affairs? How would we like it if a North African nation shoved its nose into our business, picked said nose with its finger of scorn, and pointed at us the booger of blame?

What deeply worries me about the way we go on offending other nations like this is the senseless loss of trust and goodwill from those who never did anything to us. Is bickering and arguing over who committed genocide against who really the way to move forward?

A certain wise man once said, “Judge not that ye be not judged” — a clear call for an end to all punishment, justice, and even the very recognition that any action taken by any other person can ever be wrong. No one embraced his wisdom then and no one embraces it today. This country is brimming with self-righteous snoots who claim to follow the advice of that wise man, but who, were I to plant a garden sickle in their backs as they sleep, burn their houses down and murder their families, would accuse me of all manner of wickedness. If that isn’t hypocrisy then what is?

5 responses to “We should all be ashamed for having offended this poor man

  1. Bomb Bomb Bomb,
    Bomb Bomb Sudan,

    (but hit something a little more pertinent than an aspirin factory)

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  4. Wow, that’s a *cough* clever way to get people to sign up for spam and viruses…


    Many of the countries of the world have become a tad bloated and convoluted in their power, it’s getting pretty ridiculous.

    BTW – Hey Hydralisk. Hydralisks are, incidentally, my favorite Zerg. Let us continue to cross-comment and exchange traffics, good sir. xD

  5. Eyes: Very well, fellow lover of the shooting spines šŸ˜‰

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