Just some pics on my hard drive

Some cute, some creepy. (click to enlarge)










Creepy (and sexy)


Insanely creepy



Help me out with this last one ??

8 responses to “Just some pics on my hard drive

  1. WHAT?!! No disclaimer to the arachnophobes in your audience?? And are those–I don’t know–CANE SPIDERS?

    Good thing they don’t have those here in Hawaii…

  2. The first one is a tarantula.
    The second one I’m not sure *BUT* I have seen a spider up close and personal which looked exactly like it. It was on the ceiling outside my apartment in Shizuoka, in a rural area by some rice paddies. As a big as a person’s hand and the most hideous thing I have ever laid eyes on.

    You still haven’t met a cane spider yet? Once you do you won’t forget what they look like and how fast they move.

  3. I’m going “creepy” on the last one.

    Looks like those guys spank the monkey to the anime T-shirts

  4. I’m not sure whether to barf or swoon. As far as the last one, I’d say it’s probably creepy – I certainly wouldn’t call it cute, at any rate. The one right before was pretty cool, though. I swear it’s something from a Magic card.

  5. So two votes for creepy? You guys aren’t paying enough attention to the shirt and handbags.

  6. Are those our only options? Given the gray facial hair on the guy on the left, I was going to vote for kinda sad…

  7. Hydralisks, I was expecting much more anime porn! You’re full of surprises!

  8. Nah, ortho, naked spiders are enough to turn me on. Those sexy hairy legs.

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