From the mailbag (kind of)

On the seldom occasion when I receive email from a reader asking “Dear Hydralisk, with all the human rights abuses going on in the world, what can I, an ordinary underwear-ing citizen do to help?” (it hasn’t happened yet, but that counts as seldom, doesn’t it?) I of course refer them to Panties for Peace.

Our act of delivering our underwear to the Burmese foreign missions across the globe is of immense importance and symbolic in protest of Myanmar junta’s violent crackdown of monks-led rallies in Yangon last month, and to oust the generals ruling the country from power…

One of the main reasons for which we are encouraging people to send out their panties to Burma’s foreign missions is because the generals ruling Myanmar are superstitious and they believe that touching panties or the traditional women’s outfit sarong will eliminate their powers…

3 responses to “From the mailbag (kind of)

  1. I sent my leopard skin undies…

  2. You sapped my power just mentioning that.

  3. Line from classic 1939 Stalinist comedy Ninotchka:
    “I should hate to see our country endangered by my underwear.”

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