Sam Harris claims God’s all-powerful powers for himself

Consider the second commandment “Thou shalt not erect any graven images”. Is this really the second most important thing upon which to admonish all future generations of human beings? Is this as good as it gets ethically and spiritually? ….

The truth is that almost any precept we would put in place of the second commandment would improve the wisdom of the Bible. How about “Don’t mistreat children”? How about “Don’t pretend to know things you do not know”? Or what about just “Try not to deep fry all of your food”? Could we live with the resulting proliferation of graven images?

Ah but Sam, you miss the point. The second commandment was inscribed in stone by the divine finger of God Almighty! You CAN’T change it, so that defeats your whole argument!


5 responses to “Sam Harris claims God’s all-powerful powers for himself

  1. Hydralisk, I’m happy you began to blog again. I took you off my blogroll because I thought you went dormant. But, since you have emerged from hibernation, I shall re-add you to the prestigious list of blogs that I link to.

  2. I suppose we can propose that all those folks that wrote those books actually lied.
    But then, we could also propose that Socrates actually never existed and that Plato actually just made up those stories about he and Aristotle.

    One problem with the thesis, and one for which many Biblical scholars have noted, is the continuity over thousands of years of writing. I’m not qualified to debate them; only to note their writings.
    My opinion, like that of others, may seem like only an echo of the truth, but even that echo has reverberated for millenia.

  3. ortho: hydralisks only hibernate in the winter. (And even when they do, they have frequent insomnia. Insomnia…grrr)

    rogue: I have no problem proposing that Socrates may never have existed. Yet there are not any glaring details I’m aware of in the account of him which defy the laws of nature as we understand them, which would cause me to want to question Plato’s reliability in the matter. (Such an example might be: food falls from the sky, a large body of water is parted on command, dead people rise from the grave)

  4. Perhaps the Egyptian government, who still claim that their army was swallowed by the Red Sea, could convince you.

    They certainly have nothing to gain in pimping for the Joooos’ Old Testament.

  5. Perhaps they could. I’ve heard that the Egyptian government has very persuasive ways of convincing!

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