Bush lied, ideologies died

Michael J Totten reports:

Iraq is where ideologies go to die. Arab nationalism, Baathism, anti-Americanism, al-Qaidism, Donald Rumsfeldism, and Moqtada al-Sadrism have either died there or are dying. Conventional liberal opinion, more or less correct about the foundering American war effort from 2004 to 2006, has been severely bloodied—along with Iraq’s worst insurgent groups and militias—by General David Petraeus’s leadership of the American troop surge. Even post-9/11 fear of Islam has proven unsustainable for those who regularly interact with ordinary Iraqis.

“Everything dies in Iraq”. “Stench of death overshadows counter-insurgency efforts in Iraq”. “Another month of surge sees the death toll in Iraq continue to rise”.

If you are a journalist wishing to use one of these headlines for an article, contact me and we’ll talk. My fees are very reasonable.


One response to “Bush lied, ideologies died

  1. How about “Iraq is the Worst thing to ever happen ever.” I would like to start collecting some royalty checks.

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