Aren’t women amazing?

Based on my observations, there are three things which men are better at doing than women–hurting each other, hurting women, and playing chess. But for the things that matter most, men are outclassed.

Alfred Kinsey once interviewed a woman who could be brought to orgasm by stroking her eyebrows. In my research I found a case study of a woman who had an orgasm each time she brushed her teeth (followed by a mild epileptic seizure). Barry Komisaruk and Beverly Whipple, researchers at Rutgers University, have studied a dozen or so women who can “think” themselves to orgasm. Some use imagery, some use breathing techniques. The woman I met who could do it (she demonstrated her skill for me on a bench outside a sushi bar in Oakland, California) had taught herself using imagery and breathing skills learned in a weekend workshop given by sex educator Annie Sprinkle. It took her two years to master the technique.

Article at New Scientist.

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One response to “Aren’t women amazing?

  1. That’s reminds me of the son and father sitting on the porch. The old hound dog comes sidling up to the pair, lays down, and licks his genitals.

    The son asks, “Dad, why does Rover do that?”

    The dad answered, “Because he can.”

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