Male brain development

When I was a tot (don’t you miss that word?) the contents of my head looked something like this:


Life was good.

Along came a second competitor for the brain’s stretched resources. By high school it was looking like this:


The Games part was compelled to cede about that much ground. It could live with the compromise as long as the newcomer didn’t intrude any further (hasn’t retreated either). What it didn’t count on was the arrival of a third competitor.

By college or perhaps earlier the contents of my head began to look like so:


This third category refers to that part of the brain which grapples with such questions as “What is the root cause of terrorism? Is it the Vietnam War or is it greenhouse gases?” and other problems of the sort that this blog used to deal with back when it was almost worth taking seriously.

Of course Games again was the one yielding this brain space, in much the same way that Nintendo was forcably made to allow Microsoft to track mud into the house after it had at last evicted Sega and learned to live with Sony.

In recent years things have even gotten this bad:


But Nintendo has had enough. Nintendo is putting its foot down and reclaming territory rightfully its.

I mention this to let you know that if blogging gets light around here, it could mean I am busy, it could mean I am not feeling well, or it could mean I am spending quality time in front of a TV set with a controller in hand.


6 responses to “Male brain development

  1. Good old Nintendo, always putting its foot down on those unnecessary things like deep thoughts!

    Now it’s time for me to get back to Zelda DS.

  2. Ah, video games.

    I’m aiming for a 50-50 split between video games and science. (SCIENCE!)

  3. Wow, girls take up 40%? I mean, girls are good and all, but I think you start hitting diminishing returns around maybe 25%. Also, 40% is a little bit too much for deep thoughts; I think there’s a such thing as too much deepness. Thank goodness for PS2 arriving to restore balance!

  4. Hmmm…. Once you get now that Im married, its 10% girls, 30% games (becuase of the filth that is being trumpeted as breakthrough gaming, like halo, call of duty 4, or new ninja gaiden, I am left only with my classics) and 50% deep thoughts. You would think will all this new time thinking, I would have something to show for it… but nope… I think with video games I had more to show (like my notebook of completed games or graphpaper maps from golgo 13!!) 😉

  5. whoops! Shows how deep i was in though! my math was incorrect~ 60% deep thought

  6. Hang on to those graphpaper maps for Golgo 13. They might be worth bucks some day.

    Roland’s got it figured out. You can’t go wrong with Zelda. Twilight Princess is one fantastic game. (even if they did rip some ideas from Shadow of the Colossus)

    Well, Zugman, I gotta count time spent absorbed in Hello! Project fandom as Girls time. So 40% is not an overstatement for me, haha.

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