9/11 Linked
To Iraq, in Politics
If Not in Fact

Inspired by the above almost-Haiku identified by James Taranto as masquerading as a Washington Post headline, I thought I’d try listening to my own poetry muse for a change. Here are a few I came up with. I hope you find them pleasing to your mental ear and soothing to your soul.

Jews, Christians, Muslims
Why can’t we all get along?
The Jews most of all

Bush and bin Laden
A cycle of violence
A cycle of pain

Match made in heaven
Our love will last forever
Al Gore and the tree

Why do they hate us?
Don’t they know hate is a crime?
Live, love, and abort

Serene emptiness
Snowy field of silent white
The page will not load

Caged bird cannot fly
All men desire freedom
OJ Simpson too

Falling autumn leaves
Who will pick them up? Someone?!
Suffocating, help!

Waking in cold sweat
Nightmare of nations come true
Results in, Jeb won

So who else likes to write Haiku?

4 responses to “Haiku-writing

  1. Dear Mr. Robert Goodwin,
    I liked some of your haikuz very much appealing to Global peace and brotherhood. My two Articles – “International Non-violence Day” and “Winning hearts and bridging minds” are recommended to your blog-Readers to go through. “Live and let live” concept is the only solution to make the world peaceful.

  2. Peace and brotherhood?
    I thought your page would not load
    Someone call Al Gore

  3. Excellent idea, Valibhai! If there’s anything that can end our silly wars it would be to hold a “Non-violence Day”. Think of all the world wars and conflicts throughout history that could have been stopped if we had only thought of such a day!

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