World peace is a cinch

 “We can take these deadites, we can take ‘em! ….with science.”
  — Ash, Army of Darkness

The Den wholeheartedly endorses the awarding of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It’s well past time we realize that terrorists and tyrants will not be defeated by fighting back. They will be defeated by emissions trading. It’s so obvious!


6 responses to “World peace is a cinch

  1. Yeah, it’s not really clear how Gore has promoted peace or made a significant scientific contribution to humanity. Mostly he just talks big. I like how he authoritatively declared climate change the “most dangerous challenge we’ve ever faced”, when, to my knowledge, climate change hasn’t killed anyone yet, whereas terrorism has killed many and continues to loom as a threat. I also liked this super-heroic quote: “It truly is a planetary emergency: we have to respond quickly. I’m going back to work right now. This is just the beginning.” I bet he donned his cape and flew off to save the world the very next moment, although in reality he probably took off in his private jet.

  2. Superhero Gore! I’d love to see that. Wait a minute, I have seen that. Remember this?

  3. How about those that have pointed out the so-called-errors in Gore’s movie? These people are helping the terrorrists and tyrants you mentioned.

    Can we assign them to a higher carbon tax bracket?

  4. Great point, Randy! It would be the least we could do to punish those terroriist-enablers.

  5. Emmy. Oscar. Nobel.

    Is there anything Gore can’t win?

    …oh right.

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