some serious heavy bigtime CYA

MSNBC: “Besides that, the feng shui is all wrong. Navy to alter swastika-shaped barracks after aerial photos highlight snafu”

swastika building

omfg can u say smoking gun ppl this is all the evidence u need that iraq is a disaster and the so-calld ‘war on terror”s a lie and we have no plan to win the peach and we went in ofr oil$$$ nothing else which would mabey ok i guess if multi-laterilly with france and UN came along to share the loot iwht us but they didnt so i’ts immoral and all a plan to steal civil liberties from the poorest 1% of amerikkans to give the wealthiest 1% at expence of the environent which he STOLE–yes STOLE th e election to turn guantanaomo into the next vietnam (bu tnot the area were kerry servd in) atleast clinton only sex with waterbufalo not chsaed after larry on craigslist but bu$sh so much worse then clinton also Israel Zionists r nazi rasists too jus study history cause it alway repeat itself repeat itself Palestianis loosing thier freedoms thru govtwiretaping inocent crimanals wich rujmsfeld spyed on he said “we know where they are” HE SAID THAT!! its on tape but faux news is owned by rupert murderoc dont show u wat bu$h si really doingteh plans hidden but t here is all there for anynoe 2 see repeat itself exposes the big righ-wing lie about sexual wmd fantsaies to repeat istelf turn us into no joke dudwe re turning into a crhisitian fundamentalish dictatorhsip before rv ery eyes!!!!!!!!!!


2 responses to “some serious heavy bigtime CYA

  1. I think your satire might be getting a little too obvious, Hydralisk, although that would probably save you a lot of trouble explaining to those who don’t quite get it (I would be one of those people if I didn’t already know you so well).

  2. satire? whosaid anyahting about satrie? (aw man)

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