Better slime selection

Forward Deployed observing the fraudulence of chickenhawk Petraeus:

If’s attempt to slime General Petraeus wasn’t bad enough, now the left’s desperation to slime him has reached even new lows with the Daily Kos claiming the general is wearing a fraudulent medal:

As Den of Hydralisks readers know, I’ve been calling for the destruction of this bad bad man for two months now. It’s not that I haven’t been given the proper credit that bugs me. Really, I could care less about the credit (which only I rightly deserve). It is the flawed thought process employed here by other well-meaning surrenderists that is slightly disturbing.

Indignance at the wearing of a false badge implies that a genuine one would be a thing worth respecting. What message are we sending about our uniformed battalion of baby-butchers when we complain so? What should really make us furious about Petraeus is not that he wears a fake medal, but that he should be in possession of any medal at all when there are plenty of good fences to be found everywhere.

GIBSON: When you threw, how far do you think they went?

KERRY: Probably thirty or forty feet. When I stood at that fence, I wanted to make my stance clear, my message understood. I was in Vietnam.

GIBSON: How bout 3-4 feet off the bounce.

KERRY: Absolutely not.

GIBSON: Did you forget I was there? That was the lamest throw I have ever laid eyes on. You barely cleared…

KERRY: I am not sure why you would say that Charlie, I have quite the manly arm.

GIBSON: I distinctly recall you executing more of a light toss, or a flip.

KERRY: This is ridiculous; a reporter of the “Boston Globe” was there, dozens of photographers were there. I clearly threw those medals over in a manly maneuver.

GIBSON: Medals?

KERRY: I did not say medals.

Oh yes you did, soldier, and you should be damn proud of it!!


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