Protest against free speech!

Surveying the important work my fellow activists are accomplishing is inspiring indeed, and there is no question that we are making a profound difference. We’ve protested against nearly everything that moves, including such wrongs in the world as Bush, the electing of Bush, Republicans, the right wing, capitalism, prisons, the police, rule of law, democracy, progress itself, the American army in Iraq, the American army, America, Americans, armies, Israel, Jews, Jewish religious symbols, the former existence of the World Trade Center, heterosexuality, Bush’s plan, Bush’s poodle, Bush’s cat, Bush’s haircut, and so on. (work-unsafe examples of each of the above can be found here)

But we must bear in mind that all the efforts of nihilism could come to nothing were we to leave out one critical thing.

Those brave patriots who protest against military recruitment and schools everywhere which prohibit the military from opening their mouths anywhere in earshot of a potential young goose-stepper are on to this one thing, I believe. As were those astute Oaklanders who fitly recognized the word ‘marriage’ to be hate speech. As was that teacher last year who encouraged her students to destroy an anti-abortion display. As are all of us who continually call for the clamping of clamorous conservative voices on talk radio.

These were all steps in the right direction, to be sure, but have we gone far enough? Is there more we could be doing?

As Henry David Jefferson once said, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of the tree of liberty to one who is hacking at the root.” Do you get where I’m going with this?


14 responses to “Protest against free speech!

  1. Well, at my university, we protest against recruiters from the U.S. imperial army. I argued that this is hypocritical. The imperial army is no worse than bourgeois, capitalist firms such as banks, brokerage houses, and chemical and pharmaceutical corporations who regularly recruit on our campus. So, we decided to protest against all employment recruiters. When we see recruiters on campus we run them off. We chant, “We don’t want no jobs.” We’re also working to kick Cokeploitation off our campus.

    Yeah, we’re busy protesting. When we graduate we will be professional agitators.

    Who is Henry David Jefferson? Was he one of Thomas Jefferson’s slaves?

  2. Ah, how refreshing it is to see young minds prudently planning out their career paths. I salute you and the student body you are a part of, ortho stice.

    Close! Henry David Jefferson was a famous protestor who protested taxation imposed by the British crown on the colonies by going off to live in an isolated forest cabin with his many female slaves.

  3. Mmmm, I could go for a nice, cold can of Cokeploitation right now…

  4. There is nothing I hate more than choice! I just get sick to my stomach to see people make their own rational decisions when it comes to the purpose and direction of their lives!

    That is why I push so stalwartly for a world where a small party elite can dictate enlightened decisions to the masses. As far as I know, it has never been tried before, and can’t possibly have negative outcomes.

  5. Wow, Roland! We have so much in common! I wonder if we were separated at birth.

  6. Dare to dream, Roland! Negative consequences? I can’t think of any. Can you, ortho? I think we’re clear, yes. We can make this happen if we only try. It can’t hurt to try, can it?

    This could be a world movement, I can see it. The most populous nation in the world may have an important role to play. If the billion+ people of China were to get on their blogs and put the message out to end free speech, I am positive we could end not only this bothersome chestnut but many others in very short order.

    But how to agitate the inert masses of a country so inexperienced with revolutionary change?

  7. That is a good star Hydra! I feel we are one step closer to the utopia our enlightened brethren in North Korea get to bask in every day.

  8. It’s worth a try Hydralisk. Perhaps you could start a blog to propagate our revolutionary message. The internets is, after all, a revolutionary media. Then, after establishing a revolutionary blog, Roland and I could spam popular websites–porn, newspapers, blogs, etc.–with our new blog url. We will then receive many visitors and readers who our revolutionary message shall convert into disciplines.

    Let the Revolution begin, in the blogosphere!

  9. Hahaha, convert readers into “disciplines”. Silly typo with a hidden meaning. We will discipline our readers into becoming our disciples. Hahaha!

  10. Nice recovery, ortho! I think we’ve found our propaganda minister.

    North Korea is a good target to shoot for, Roland. Everything I hear about it makes me want to live there. I believe their Dear Leader when he declares that his Party “takes care of the people through benevolent politics, politics of love and trust”.

    Politics of love and trust. Who can be against that?

  11. Yes, but can he take a bold stance on the most controversial topic of all: is he pro-happiness or pro-sadness?

  12. He is pro-everything that is good, Zugman. Especially happiness. He is anti-everything that is evil. Especially America. He has all the best qualities of George Washington, Mao Zedong, Che Guevara, etc rolled into one.

  13. He is truly the most glorious midget on earth!

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