What are you doing for ‘sex day’?

From BBC News:

Russian ‘sex day’ to boost births 

The governor of Ulyanovsk region in Russia is offering prizes to couples who have babies in exactly nine months – on Russia’s national day on 12 June. 

Sergei Morozov wants couples to take the day off work to have sex. If a baby is born on national day, they will receive cars, TVs or other prizes.

Mr Morozov has declared Wednesday “family contact day” as part of efforts to fight Russia’s demographic crisis.

The population has sharply declined since the Soviet Union collapsed.

This is the third year that Ulyanovsk, in central Russia, is offering prizes for babies born on 12 June.

This year, a couple won the grand prize of a sports utility vehicle (SUV).

When you think about it, offering SUVs as incentives is a stroke of genius.  If we can get enough CO2 out there into the atmosphere to warm up the planet’s surface, the Russia climate might get cozy enough for people to actually want to have sex on their own.

5 responses to “What are you doing for ‘sex day’?

  1. My wife and i have sex day… But we call it something different. We call it every other day.

  2. Those crazy Russians! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when some government bureaucrats were thinking this one up.

  3. Well…having sex will help them keep warm! Like in that one James Bond movie!

    I hear they were going to call the new day “hump day”, but the name was already taken.

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