Unfortunately placed ads

Go to megabunny.com and LYAO.


4 responses to “Unfortunately placed ads

  1. Lmao? Cute, but it takes more than photo shopped images. To get me going.

  2. Well, you’ve been watching episodes of “Rebelde”, so your standards are understandably high!

  3. Perhaps I am unammused because people pass photo shopped imagaes all around the net, from email to email, hoping someone will find it as hillarious as they do. 90% of these people DONT realize that it is a doctored image. My mom is one of these people. She really believes all she hears on TV. She thinks her computer really has a virus when a pop up add asks you to PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER NOW!

  4. That could definitely be part of what makes photoshopping so much fun 😀

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