Insipirational OT verses pt. 2

2 Kings 4:40  So they poured out for the men to eat. And it came to pass, as they were eating of the pottage, that they cried out, and said, O thou man of God, there is death in the pot. And they could not eat thereof.

2 Kings 6:28 And the king said unto her, What aileth thee? And she answered, This woman said unto me, Give thy son, that we may eat him to day, and we will eat my son to morrow.

29 So we boiled my son, and did eat him: and I said unto her on the next day, Give thy son, that we may eat him: and she hath hid her son.

Psalms 56:8  Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?

Psalms 78:53  The fire consumed their young men; and their maidens were not given to marriage.

Proverbs 19:13  A foolish son is the calamity of his father: and the contentions of a wife are a continual dropping.

Proverbs 19:20  Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.

Well that’s as far as I ever got in the Old Testament. No doubt I’m missing a lot of great stuff that comes afterwards.


6 responses to “Insipirational OT verses pt. 2

  1. Great blog… simple and powerful. The word is always sufficient to move me. Thanks for posting those!

    And btw I just posted a new blog about the emergent church… check it out and comment if you get the chance!


  2. I’m not sure I understand the point of these. Seems like you’ve taken some random verses. Frankly, they don’t make a lot of sense in this stand-alone fashion.

    Could you help some of us slower people understand?

  3. Thanks for visiting, tim! I’m glad you, too, were moved.

    I agree they don’t make a lot of sense, Randy! They bring a smile to my face, and that’s why I marked them some ten or so years ago.

  4. So are you looking for how to make sense out of them? Or do you just want to rag on the OT?

    I’m sorry, I just don’t understand.

    I don’t claim to be a prophet or a saint. I do know that when I’ve found a passage that didn’t make sense, I usually study it, pray about it and read other passages that lead to it. Usually (a few notable exceptions) I get an understanding. If that’s what you’re looking for, I can tackle one or two of these. I’d be happy to help.

  5. Thanks for the offer, Randy, but it won’t be necessary. Here at the Den our aim is not to perspire but to inspire. Or something corny like that.

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    So I just wanted to say hi

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