The news about Petraeus gets worse

Kevin Drum had an epiphany:

I’ve been thinking about the whole David Petraeus issue for the past couple of days, and what I’ve been thinking about is how badly the liberal blogosphere and the liberal establishment have been outplayed here. While we’ve spent the last six months snarking about Friedman Units and complaining aimlessly about spineless Democrats, Petraeus has been slowly and methodically carrying out an extremely disciplined military campaign with a very precise goal: gaining support for David Petraeus and the surge.

Holy cow. How did this not occur to me sooner? Not only is the weasel refusing to admit the surge is a failure, worse, he’s trying to make the surge work! This is exactly the kind of thing that happens when we don’t impeach our trained military personnel when we have the chance.

3 responses to “The news about Petraeus gets worse

  1. Ha! Excellent catch. I bet, to make matters worse, Petraeus is probably using Rove’s mind control device.

  2. totaltransformation, with the fall of Rove, that mind control device could be anywhere. I sure wouldn’t want it falling into the wrong hands…which is why I’m going to make it mine, hahahah!

  3. Actually I just posted something all about the Rove mind control device. I learned it is still active. Check it out here…

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