So those Iranians think they can…

Behold. Islamist kids in Iran are making agitprop video games.

The “Rescue the Nuke Scientist” video game, designed by the Union of Students Islamic Association, was described by its creators as a response to a U.S.-based company’s “Assault on Iran” game, which depicts an American attack on an Iranian nuclear facility.

“This is our defense against the enemy’s cultural onslaught,” Mohammad Taqi Fakhrian, a leader of the student group, told reporters Monday.

To complete the game successfully, players have to enter Israel to rescue the nuclear scientists, kill U.S. and Israeli troops and seize their laptops containing secret information.

This is good news. Very good news indeed. A society hooked on video games is a society headed for collapse, as the Japanese, who infiltrated the West decades ago with this corrupting opium, understood all too well. Look at us now. Our kids are fat and undisciplined and they think emo is cool.

On the other hand, we are very very good at these video games. At least I know I am. (you should see how high I can get Mario to jump) It looks like Iranian kids won’t even have that to say for themselves:

“We tried to promote the idea of defense, sacrifice and martyrdom in this game,” Fakhrian said.

Martyrdom? As in don’t sweat it if you fail the mission? As in please try to concentrate less on objectives, tactics, winning, and other such Godless things, but instead concentrate on that lavish cloud waiting for you in Paradise with the 70 wives and 70 virgins sitting thereon? (As if virgins they truly will be. As if Mohammed, the last messenger and prophet, won’t already have had them all. Ha!)

Patton said, “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.” You know what this means? It means Balloq’s staff is too long. It means



Carry on, my Iranian friends, carry on. I will gladly welcome the contest between any US soldier and any Iranian soldier, joysticks in hand, on the field of digital battle.

H/T to Raw Feed


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