steampunk watches

13 responses to “steampunk

  1. Oh, the watch is soo pretty..
    -wants a Steampunk outfit so much more now-

  2. I deal with with something like also. My works are on passed side.

  3. This is really great, it nails down the steampunk era with precision. (Super cool man!)

  4. not bad.. but i made nicer steampunk artifacts hahas xD
    contact me for previews if ya want xD

  5. yes i would like to know did you make this or buy it and if you did what did you use/where did you get it, E-mail me ASAP pleas

  6. damn where can i get one of those

  7. timcarmackbcis3

    I WANT IT!!!

  8. I have just stumbled upon this culture known as steampunk browsing about on the web. Its freaking Beautiful, Romantic, Amazing! I love it!!!

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  10. I wonder if you could buy this somewhere?


  12. I want to use your image. Can I please?
    Its for a good cause.

    Jim, Founder

  13. I LOVE this. I think my Fairies may have just found a new accessory.

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