Steampunk watches

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If you don’t “get it” you’re trying too hard. Look, here’s the definition of steampunk. As for what kind of geeked-out society goes to such lengths to build authentic, usable, marketable objects from a time period that never existed, I can’t help you with that.

10 responses to “Steampunk watches

  1. I’ll tell you who builds authentic, usable, marketable objects from a time period that never existed…the JAPANESE. The same people who INVENT time periods that never existed! I swear…it’s like their entire culture is based on anime and fantasies about magic and everybody being able to fly, etc. etc. Cool watch. LAME culture.

  2. Personally, I think their culture rules.

    Real history blows. It’s nothing but an endless string of wars and conquests and disasters and plagues. But invented history…

  3. Holy fucking mindgasms!
    That watch is fucking AWESOME! 😛
    oh… and by the by, since reality is just tapped up free reality, any alternate reality that if pursued further untaps ur mind, (like steampunk or what have u) than it seems to be just as worthy as any other reality for further spurs the creation of true reality, all in a feeble attempt to realise the true awesomeness of reality witch is god.

  4. subculture shouldn’t be sneered at just because you aren’t a part of it. alternate reality is just another method of escape, like sports, parties, or porn. it’s just less socially accepted by people like YOU.
    nobody should be so petty that somebody in welder’s goggles with a cool homemade watch ruins their day.
    p.s. jekyll, that’s exactly the kind of articulation that hurts your case instead of helping it.

  5. Honestly, I think Steampunk is an awesome and beautiful sub culture. Its a nice blend of reality and fiction.

    Do we really have to care about the origins of it?

  6. The guy three up from me spelled which wrong. Unless he was literally talking about a witch god, whatever the fuck that is. ne ways, I think the watch is pretty cool.

  7. Steampunk is the future!

  8. just for the record, steampunk was born as a literary sub-genre (a mix of fantasy and sci-fi) and variant of the cyberpunk in the ’80s. and believe it or not the term was coined by an american writer. so it’s not something we could attribute to the japanese this time, sorry.

  9. Wrong. Steampunk was born a lot earlier than the 80’s.

    You need to read up on some famous authors from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

  10. Wrong again. The origin stories of steampunk may have been born between the 19th and 20th centuries, but the realization of a distinct subset of culture wasn’t until the 1980’s.

    It’s kind of like how Jesus died, and THEN there were Christians.

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