dear mister bush pt. 2

dear mister bush,

it apears you still not recieved the first letter I sent you. or maybe you just decided to ignore it because obviusly your war is still going on and piles of dead babies are keep piling up because of you. sure, I take the time from my busy scedule to write a thoughtful letter to the president of the united states and he just ignores me. that’s democracy in action! (sarcasm) Im now more convinced than ever that you hate muslims and are definitely holding them in prisons torturing them by the billions, or abusing their Korans, or worse. whatare you doing with them, mister bush? crossing out the Prophet’s name in each verse and writing in Pat Robertson’s name instead? hahaha. it would be funny if it weren’t so sirius. but since your contented to see the world go to crap because of your illegal and immoral aggresions against humanity, their’s nothing us high-schoolers can do (except dictate to you your foreign policy). there’s a reason, mister bush, why your ratings are so low. there’s reason why your the least popular us president in the world, while meanwhile in countries you neocons haven’t screwed up yet like north korea, their leader is so loved by the people that his birthday is a national holiday and festivals and dances in honor of him. you have to earn that kind of love, mister bush. you got a long way to go. maybe i’m talking to a brick wall cause you have the intelligance of one, on ly a brick isnt stupid enouph to go invade another country just becuase taht country full of $O$I$L$. at least you can say that about a brick wall. i know i’m late but happy f—in’ 4th of july to you, mister bush. try not to kill too many babies iwth your unprovoked “shock and awe” fireworks over peaceful land of middle east.

P.S. do you read blogs, mister bush? I recommend this one but i know youll just ignore it cause it’s not exactly fox news now, is it? (sarcasm)


6 responses to “dear mister bush pt. 2

  1. u r smrt

  2. hehe. nice. 😉

  3. Shoot, you just made a big mistake by revealing your high school status. I’m afraid you’ve lost all of that credibility now.

  4. at least I stuided in high school (my favorite subject is englsih) while i’m sure bush got by through his big oil connections and spent the most of the time playing with alphabet blocks ,or plotting the imperialization of the world in Advanced Placement Skull ‘n’ Bones meetings, or probaly both.

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