Bill Clinton, angel of mercy

How many did he pardon? The Department of Justice has all the records so you can see for yourself.

Ah the 90’s. A splendid time to have been a criminal.

H/T to Likelihood of Success


5 responses to “Bill Clinton, angel of mercy

  1. How quickly so many forget the errors of their own eh?

  2. Funnily enough, one of the lawyers who advised him of the propriety of pardoning Marc Rich in 2000 was one…Lewis Libby! Small world, eh?

  3. Although I do think Clinton was/is a slimy guy, if you look at the stats on the Dept. of Justice page, you’ll see that most exiting presidents of this century had a little pardon party before leaving. Clinton wasn’t even the biggest pardoner as far as I can tell. Nevertheless, he DID successfully pardon over 5x as many people as George H.W. Yeah, crime does pay a little bit better if you’ve got political connections.

  4. Raymond Phillip Weaver
    U. S. Navy summary court-martial
    Theft of four pounds of butter

    ^ That is by far that is my favorite.

    I can’t believe Clinton let dangerous criminals like this back out on to our streets.

  5. Hahaha! Knowing Bush he probably would have sent the poor guy off to Guantanomo Bay!

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