The information front, yeah

This perpetually distracted, half-baked upstart of a blog doesn’t try to be anyone’s first or last source of analysis on the war on terror, but if there is one message I hope does not go missed by anyone out there who may not have the time to follow the news as closely as we all should, it is this one: Please, do not draw your conclusions solely from what you read and hear from the mainstream media (perhaps best symbolized by the NYT). Our soldiers continue to tell us the very same thing strategy analysts have been saying all along. Not that we are losing the war in Iraq on the ground, no. But that we are getting thoroughly thumped in one very important front of that war.


2 responses to “The information front, yeah

  1. “Baudrillard’s Bastard” is the most reliable “war of terror” news blog on the internets.

  2. Baudrillard’s Bastard is the *only* source of news for the “war of terror” that I know about!

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