Take up the white man’s burden, Britain!

So urges (in less race-oriented terms) a local archbishop living in the economic and human rights disaster that is Zimbabwe. From Yahoo! News:

“I think it is justified for Britain to raid Zimbabwe and remove Mugabe,” the paper quoted him as saying.

“We should do it ourselves but there’s too much fear. I’m ready to lead the people, guns blazing, but the people are not ready.”

Of course it would be justified, but fat chance of it happening. Brits long ago began to regret their role in helping remove the butcher of Baghdad. Forget Mugabe. The next dictator on their list would be President Bush (yes, ahead of Kim Jong-Il!). Priorities, you know.

H/T to Baudrillard’s Bastard

3 responses to “Take up the white man’s burden, Britain!

  1. This kind of thing boggles the mind. When the great nations of the West remove genocidal dictators because that humanitarian intervention coincides with our national interests, we’re imperialist-Zionist-racist-pigs. When we DON’T remove genocidal dictators, we’re hard-hearted, racist, Zionist pigs.
    Since there’s no way for us to be good guys in the eyes of the Left, I for one would rather not have our troops dying simply to free Africans from their pathological inability to rationally govern themselves, absent any other pressing national security concern of our own.

  2. When Mugabe won independance for Zimbabwe, he took over the colonial institutions, instead of smashing them. Destroying the system is the job of the next revolution there.

  3. lewd and renegade, thanks for your comments!

    Oh I don’t think it’s the Left that’s urging us to invade Zimbabwe. Honestly, I’ve never seriously contemplated the wisdom in doing so, but if some sacrifices from us really could help African societies get out of the screwed-up zone, I wouldn’t be opposed to the notion in theory.

    Speaking of Africa in general now, I tend to believe that the failure of their societies owes more to geography than it does to either colonial history or to any pathological inabilities of their own to govern themselves. It isn’t surprising that a continent with that many natural impediments to travel and communication has had such slow economic development and perpetual tribalism.

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