The truth about Belgium!

If you thought the truth about black helicopters was disturbing, wait until you read the truth about Belgium. But don’t click the link if you are tense, have had a rough day, or have recently eaten. You will be shocked and appalled. Let’s just say that everything we thought we knew was wrong. So terribly wrong.

Queen of Swords, btw, was able to dig up the profile of the man, if we can call him a man, behind these ground-breaking revelations. It must not have been an easy thing to do since the subject “usually wears make-shift psychotronic shielding; approach with caution.” (We can’t really be the only ones getting a kick out of all this, can we?)


5 responses to “The truth about Belgium!

  1. Hydralisk, clearly you have accepted your destiny—as have I—to help Lyle Zapato in his battle against the NWO and all its minions. I salute you, sir.

    P.S. I added you to my blogroll–I thought I already had and was mistaken!

  2. Excellent, lewd. With flyswatters in hand we cannot fail!

  3. Oddly enough, my father is from Flanders, and his family doesn’t like to recognize Belgium as a country either. I wouldn’t say that they believe it is all a hoax however! 

  4. Don’tcha see? That’s how well the plan of the New World Order is working!

  5. Very true. They sure pulled a fast one on us!~

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