The people versus the censors

While misguided fools blather about alleged absence of freedom of speech in the US there is a real human rights struggle ongoing in the most populous nation in the world. The Internet was used to break the story of a massive child slavery scandal in a Chinese province this month. Information wants to be free, but it has to get past a determined government. With president Hu Jintao calling earlier this year for the Internet to be “purified”, it’s hard to predict how the battle will turn out.

There is some reason to hope that companies may begin to see it in their interest to be subversive rather than complicit in the censorship. Consider Flickr’s efforts to troubleshoot blocked images. Since a business listens only to profit, there is a role for the consumer to play in this fight–support the subversive companies, not the complicit ones. (well, I would like it to be that simple anyway)

H/T to China View

5 responses to “The people versus the censors

  1. Good post Hydralisks!

    We Wolfcauldrians admire the Chinese government’s actions. The Chinese government realizes the power of the internet in constructing “mobile networks, emerging protests”. From a tactical and strategic position, we hope the Chinese government enacts our theory of “preemptive cyberstrikes”.

    The U.S. government has a lot to learn about controlling access and content of cyberspace from the Chinese government!

  2. LOL ortho, you’re just hell-bent on confusing my readers, aren’t you? I enjoyed those posts of yours, btw.

  3. It’s really unfortunate how little consideration human life gets when the gears of capitalism get grinding.

    China may be communist in government, but it’s industry is fully capitalistic.

    And… our own consumerism drives that.

  4. Not fully capitalistic yet as their economy is still comprised in part of state-owned enterprises.

    Yeah, capitalism’s general disregard for human decency is topped only by, well, by the other major economic system out there. What Churchill said about forms of government (democracy is the worst one…except for all the others) seems also to apply to economic systems.

  5. Boy do I love the freedom to complain about how we don’t have freedom in this country!

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