Stereotypes are fun

A geographical guide to sin, originally printed in Times Online.

Here’s my own picks:

Lust – France
Anger – Arab countries generally
Pride – China
Sloth – Polynesian countries generally (based on my experience living in one!)
Envy – Britain
Gluttony – USA
Greed – Spain, hahaha

H/T to Chameleons on Bicycles

3 responses to “Stereotypes are fun

  1. Although stereotypes tend to be repugnant to “open-minded” and “progressive” minds, they really can be fun, especially when they describe individuals or a group of people with unusual accuracy.

  2. Exactly so, zugman.

    Which leads to another one:
    “Progressive” and “open-minded” people have no sense of fun!

  3. Hi Hydralisk. Thank you for posting a link to this fascinating article and sharing your own stereotypes. I love stereotypes. Stereotypes help me know and navigate my world. If it were not for stereotypes I would be lost, I would not function. Thanks again for the wonderful post.

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