Bezmenov on ideological subversion

Obviously it was filmed a very long time ago, but I find this interview with ex-KGB agent and defector Yuri Bezmenov fascinating. Here he discusses Soviet efforts to demoralize America through ideological warfare. How successful would you say those efforts were?

“Only about 15% of time, money and manpower is spent on espionage as such. The other 85% is a slow process which we call either ideological subversion or active measures or psychological warfare.”

Wow. The espionage stuff is all most of us Westerners think of when we recall the Cold War.

From the perspective of the present, the predictions he made regarding the future of our nation seem exaggerated. Whatever else one can say about the welfare state, it hasn’t spelled the doom of America yet. The point of interest is how these memes injected into our system have influenced our political processes, and how they affect our capacity to act as a nation today.

The same user has uploaded additional clips from the interview which can easily be found by following the related links on Youtube.

6 responses to “Bezmenov on ideological subversion

  1. Every action that was described in the interview in 1985 by Yuri Bezmenov has been fulfilled. At this point in time the Marxist-Leninists are attempting to obtain a US president that will work with its already Marxist controlled house and senate. We are one vote away from that occurring. When it occurs we will move into the final stages of the subversion
    Destablize (Democratics destabilize the constitution)
    and finally Crisis
    Bernie Sanders is in part a large contributor to this action

  2. Yuri Bezmenov’s career is a testament to the triumph of the human spirit against the evil of modern socialism. His “confessions” should startle every reader and viewer of this material. From the theories of Antonio Gramsci on how to infiltrate the Western industrial societies that were resistant to communism to the subversion practices of modern agents of various societies we have a wake-up call worldwide. The Castros, the Chavez’s, Husseins and others all rely on the lie of socialist dogma and all its permutations of doctrine. Now, with Barack Obama becoming our “dear leader”, we have our first fully trained Marxist president. America will be spoon fed socialist wish lists from a very radical base in the Democrat Party. The solution is not clear but everyone should fight this enemy, period.

  3. Wow, very interesting comments Bobby and Mark. I’m a little concerned because everything kind of seems fine – I mean here in Western Europe we’re more or less all happy generally, we don’t suffer like they did in Eastern Europe and USSR in the last century – makes me almost cry to learn about it. The thing is, no-one seems to notice the covert operations of all the NGOs and the UN and EU and all the weird laws which are being passed as we head further into Global Governance. All we have is those bloody scaremongerers like Alex Jones and HIS specific brand of intense propaganda which is not rational or compatible with the active reality around him. It worries me because now you mention it, Obama probably is running on a post-Marxist agenda, whether he knows it or not (of course he’s just bred for his role, who knows how conscious he is of the whole picture). Regrettably I’ve only just started getting interested in all this geopolitics and esoteric and occult history. It’s difficult to make sense of it all especially when we have to use our imaginations to fill in the gaps where experience won’t suffice. Of course all of us can imagine whatever we like, or more accurately, whatever whoever owns the education and media likes. It’s difficult for people to recognise that when it’s not obvious like in Bezmenov’s case. And of course that’s all it will really take, enough people just SEEING with eyes unclouded, but it takes a hell of a lot of study and deprogramming, I’m not too hopeful. Which means that I do hope that this global plan of the GREAT WORK carried out incrementally by the fraternities (because of course it would take an enormous amount of bureaucracy), if it is indeed evil, would implode on itself giving a chance for the non-psychopaths to have a hand in leading because apart from anything else, psychopaths are SO BORING damn they’re boring! Well I’m going to get to the bottom of it – indeed although I’ve studied for months and things are coming into view, it’s difficult to know where the lies begin. All the controlled opposition and alternative media and truth movements don’t actually help much either except at the initial level, after that they just get in the way. I guess that’s the intention. Good luck everyone – and thanks Yuri, I hope you’re still living healthily – thanks for this recap on history.

  4. WELL, if we look at where we are now, we are at the very end stages of this plan, sadly the nuclear crisis in Japan, is going to be an existnction level event, for Japan, reclaimed land in Japan is bobbing up and down, whole buildings, entire highways bobbing up and down, and the media isn;t saying a thing, can you imagine if the people of Japan are wondering if the rest of the world has abandoned them, it’s not like you can just drive off Japan, there is a media blackout for what;s going on in the Gulf, an oil rig sank in the Gulf a couple of days ago, and there hasn;t been ONE WORD ON THE NEWS, OR IN THE PAPER, clean up workers are dying NOT ONE WORD SAID,

  5. last week, they were considering NOT paying the military, they say they are in Libya for humanitarian reasons, but yet they won;t help their own people in the Gulf? a new 100 mile long 12 mile wide oil slick in the Gulf a couple of weeks ago, NOT ONE WORD, the media, the goverments are downplaying the radiation detection, Canada isn;t even testing at all, the people of the US need to get their soldiers HOME, the military budget IS KILLING THE COUNTRY, and only getting bigger, 21 ounces of silver go in ONE BOMB FOR LIBYA, millions of dollars, AND THERE ARE TOWNS IN THE US WITH NOT ONE SCHOOL OPEN, THE BANKS HAVE FRAUDULENTLY FORECLOSED ON MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, NOBODY HAS BEEN CHARGED, BUT THE GOV BAILS OUT INTERNATIONAL BANKS AND SAYS THEY DON;T HAVE TO TELL US WHICH ONES?

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