Random news

Evidence of water on Mars gets stronger and stronger. Let’s hope this brings us one step closer to discovering who built the Face.

What is this? The Canadian Prime Minister refusing to meet with Bono? Am I reading this correctly? Does this guy know who Bono is?? Hello?!! I guarantee there are more people in the world who recognize the name of Bono than recognize whatever the name is of this upstart Canadian fellow. Forget you, Canada!

Church of England threatens legal action against Sony for portraying the interior of the Manchester Cathedral in a violent video game. That should be a fun legal battle to watch. Church of England had better not win.

Bush meets with the Pope. The Pope concludes “nothing positive comes from Iraq”, thus confirming what folks often say about Popes being out of touch with reality. Can he really have not noticed what has been going on in Anbar, Diyala, Salahadin, and Babil?


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