I recommend this game


Ouverture Facile is the game I’ve been playing since last week, and man is it addicting. It’s an online riddle game that is free to play. You can jump right into it now, but be prepared to lose much hair. Look, there’s a fresh pile of mine on the floor there by my PC. I’m telling you, these riddles are fiendish!

The game is a sequence of levels, each one represented by a web page containing an obscure puzzle. The object in each case is it get to the next level, and usually what you’re given to work with is quite minimal. Very early on you will be expected to do some unorthodox things in order to proceed, such as typing answers directly into the address bar of your browser as part of the URL, or manipulating media files to look for clues. Clues can be anywhere: encoded in an image or sound file, hidden in the source code of the page, on some other page in the site’s domain, etc. Some require ciphers that are not obvious at first. Keep Google and Wikipedia handy; you’ll be using them a lot.

The riddles may be difficult, but they are logical. Save for a few gripes, I have to admit that the game is fair, which is why I’m still playing despite the frenetic lump that’s growing inside my brain. There are 92 levels to date and the author continues to add new ones (some are still being translated into English). I’m stuck on Level 29 at present. I ain’t getting past it tonight from the look of things…


One response to “I recommend this game

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