Den of Hydralisks FYI

1. As summer approaches (my worst season health-wise) activity here at Den of Hydralisks may decrease somewhat. Or it may not, I’ll see how it goes. I do intend to continue to post regularly.

2. Since I can’t keep myself from occasionally writing about hobbies (Starcraft, Hello! Project, neato card tricks I just learned), since these hobbies are rather nichey, and since I don’t write about them often enough to justify spinning off any new blog, I’ll be hiding the content on such topics with the MORE tag so the rest of y’all, who probably prefer to spend your free time doing stupid things like going fishing or meeting chicks, can easily skip past them. Most of the time I’ll continue to stick with universally appreciated themes like making fun of Al Gore, or linking to sites which make fun of Al Gore, or whatever else it is that goes on here usually.

3. I’m always looking to expand my blogroll with links that demonstrate what a diverse and open-minded guy I am. So if you’ve got a blog out there that deals with, for instance, how to raise gay squirrels together with straight squirrels without damaging the morale of the colony at large, let me know and we’ll do an exchange. (In practice, any relevant blog that isn’t simply awful will probably pass the test. Sorry, Rosie)

4. Den of Hydralisks is looking for promising larvae who desire to join the brood. (Larva is the unit in Starcraft that can evolve into a brand new hydralisk. So I’m not being condescending after all; just geeky) I’m looking for another contributor or two, even one who can only post occasionally. What topics you choose to write about will be less important to me than your insights and/or your sense of humor. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, please let me know, and please show me if possible a sample of your writing which demonstrates how you normally would go about making fun of Al Gore.


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