Parenting tip of the day

And yet Democrats do believe in gun control… This is because Democrats believe that gun owners want to keep their guns mostly in case they need to shoot Democrats. It happened in 1861 and it could happen again.”

— PJ O’Rourke, source

Proposition: If you have conservative leanings, and if you have kids, and if you want to make sure your kids have conservative leanings, there is no more effective way to achieve this goal than to get them each a lifetime membership in the NRA as soon as they’re old enough to hold a squirt pistol toy.

Agree or disagree?

Religious education is no guarantee. Plenty of religious-types dive off the Left end. When they don’t there is still the good chance that your kids begin to catch on to how ridiculous your religion is.

Instilling hatred of communism in them may not do it. Communism has already been defeated, although possibly due for a revival. Also, you do want your kids to go to college, don’t you?

But get them hooked on guns…


2 responses to “Parenting tip of the day

  1. I shall not purchase a lifetime NRA membership for my offspring. I’m terrified that they will turn into Michael Moores.

  2. I hadn’t known that about Moore! Well that throws a buffet-sized wrench in my proposition. Maybe I’ll leave the parenting tips to those more qualified. A guy like me who is neither conservative nor has kids is bound to botch it.

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