Al-Qaeda torture methods. Yummy!

From Doug Ross @ Journal:

During a series of raids on Al-Qaeda safe houses in Iraq, U.S. military personnel discovered an official “Al-Qaeda Torture Manual” and various tools used for the express purpose of torture. Items recovered included meat cleavers, whips, and bolt-cutters. In addition, several victims — still alive — were discovered…

…If you have the stomach for it, The Smoking Gun website has reprinted the entire document. Among the chapters: how to sever limbs; squeeze a victim’s head in a vise; remove eyeballs; apply a blowtorch or a clothes iron to exposed flesh; and drill through hands.

When I read stuff like this I stop caring whether Al-Qaeda is in Afghanistan or whether they’re in Iraq or whether they’re in Iran or in Pakistan or in Indonesia or in Somalia or in Europe or wherever the hell they are. (in fact they’re in all those places, and more) I stop caring whether some particular terrorist act perpetrated by this group was directed at my own nation or at an allied nation or at any other nation. I stop giving a flying f— about what the “root causes of terrorism” might be. I want to see AQ and jihadists like them annihilated because they are simply enemies of civilization of the most recalcitrant kind.

The rest of Doug’s topic highlights the moral bankruptcy of certain prominent media outlets for their inflated coverage of America’s crimes when things like this are going on, and the reactions of bloggers to the above. Can’t help but feel sorry for people who may still believe that the mainstream media represented by the NYT is the only or even a good source of news today.

H/T to Nuke’s News & Views


5 responses to “Al-Qaeda torture methods. Yummy!

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  2. hi hydralisk!

    thanks for posting a link to a full, un-edited Al-Qaeda torture manual. i cannot wait to read it this evening.

    i will probably not share your reaction. i view torture as just one of many tactics and strategies of 21st-century warfare.

  3. Obviously they watched the movie Hostel.

  4. ortho, you see, this is what I love about your comments (and your blog). I still can’t be sure when you’re serious and when you’re kidding. I know you’re not kidding about viewing torture as one of many tactics, but about being excited to go home tonight and read a torture manual? lol

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