The truth about black helicopters!

Click this link. Trust me, you won’t regret it. If you never look at another web page again, let this be the last one. (and what you read will be the reason you never look at another web page again) Easily one of the most amazing sites I’ve ever seen. A hidden treasure. I wish I’d been the one to make it, and I’m seriously thinking about purchasing one of their shirts.

H/T to Queen of Swords


3 responses to “The truth about black helicopters!

  1. Thanks for the hat tip! I’m glad there’s someone else who sees all the gloriousness and fabulosity of this site. I was literally rolling around on my couch laughing in sheer delight when I found it.
    I want one of those T shirts too, man. For real.

    Who knew you could fight the New World Order with a simple household item such as a flyswatter? God bless the Internet.

  2. Absolutely whoever made that site deserves our cash. They’ve definitely earned it! Gosh, I really need to come up with something like that. It could be a part-time job. You saw how much he’s charging for those magnet packs?

    God bless the Internet indeed. And God bless Al Gore for inventing it.

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