Japanese pop song titles

My friend and I came up with these:

Tears of Starry
Sexy Dust Panic!
I Just Waiting Your Smile
Yume Kanau MIRACLE
Do You Wanna Lovin’ me?
Autumn Recipe ~Make Magic~
Cry Cry Whisper
Be So Wild Boy
Calling For Gentle Mister
Koi no Suplex
Listen For Feel (It Emotions!)
Play Is Not a Game
Be Soft Kokoro
Leaves Crisis (To Me)
Wishes Be All Right!

Think of any other good ones? I plan to use these in a game I’m making.


3 responses to “Japanese pop song titles

  1. Pretty impressive list. I swear I’ve DDRed to some of those titles… =)

  2. That makes me think, I’d better copyright these before they become real song titles!

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