All about Jimmy Carter

The man. The legacy.

By the way, does anyone else remember that episode of Simpsons in which Springfield city council, seeking to build a memorial but unable to afford a statue of Lincoln as originally planned, builds a statue of Jimmy Carter instead? (with a placard that reads “Malaise forever”)


2 responses to “All about Jimmy Carter

  1. I remember that episode. It’s funny to think that that episode of a TV show has probably made more of an impression about Jimmy Carter than anything he’s ever done or said. If that’s the case, it’s a sad commentary not as much on our TV-viewing habits as on the man, Jimmy Carter. Well, that and the fact that Carter was a little bit before my time 🙂

  2. Believe me, people remember Carter. He keeps doing things to make it hard for everyone to forget him despite how much they would like to.

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