I know you could care less but

::Groan:: There’s been another scandal among my favorite idol group, Hello! Project. This time it’s a member I kind of liked (but thankfully not my #1 favorite). I’m in shock; won’t be able to write about anything else today. Ups and downs come with getting emotionally attached to them idols. These are the downs. Well, not all the way down since it’s happy news for her at least. But a shock to the rest of us.

This news breaks at the same time that respected leader Yoshizawa Hitomi graduates after six years of being a Morning Musume. An honorable release for her. When I’m feeling more level-headed I’ll be able to remember that one of things that makes these J-idols so interesting is to watch them over the years and see which ones remain true to the image of a good idol throughout (idols aren’t supposed to smoke underage, date, have boyfriends, etc) and which ones just can’t follow the rules.

Update: American Wota’s post on the Tsuji/Kago scandals is a rollicking good read 😀 (yeah, I’ve definitely gotten over it now. Adieu, Tsuji! May you have a happy family life)


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