My analysis of the presidential candidates

Hilary is a woman. Romney is a Mormon. Obama is black. Gore is an alien from a planet not yet discovered by astronomers. Blah blah blah Rudy blah blah blah McCain blah blah blah Edwards blah blah blah Thompson blah blah blah.

Is it abnormal to be as (passionately) uninterested in the campaigns of these people as I am? Elections aren’t for another eighteen months. Eighteen months! So until then, unless the coverage can be a bit more fun


3 responses to “My analysis of the presidential candidates

    Some libtard will probably think that is a real Saturday morning cartoon. (Do they still have Saturday morning cartoons?)

  2. That’s flippin’ hilarious!

    And, yeah, why the hell are we worrying about all this 18 months away from the elections, when the majority of the electorate never thinks about this until the moment they step into the voting booth. But that’s another issue.

  3. I hope before they step into that voting booth they at least skim through my analysis. Can’t stand an uninformed electorate.

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