A device that counts sheep for you

From Sky News:

Scientists have found a way to turn on deep sleep at will using a machine that magnetically stimulates the brain…

“Creating slow waves on demand could some day lead to treatments for insomnia,” said study leader Prof Giulio Tononi, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Man, after the night I just had this is the very best news I could have stumbled on. I doubt the technology is all that usable yet, but I’ll be watching for further developments.

“Theoretically, it could also lead to a magnetically stimulated `power nap’ which might confer the benefit of eight hours’ sleep in just a few hours.”

Now that would be sweet. I really hope we see consumer-level applications of this in the not too distant future because it’s not fair that there can be people like this.

What would I do with all that extra time in the day? Probably daydream. How about you?

H/T to Raw Feed


2 responses to “A device that counts sheep for you

  1. Sooo… I guess the new question is whether electric sheep dream of androids, right?

    Personally, I love my 7-8 hours of sleep and don’t think I would be too interested in having it curtailed, even if the mental effects were somehow the same. After all, it’s not just your brain that’s resting, is it? I don’t profess to know much about these things, since my only hard data comes from that X-Files episodes where there were all these surgically-altered soldiers who could never fall asleep and looked extremely miserable…

  2. Really? I thought parents of young children would be the most ecstatic. Free time to yourself! (You don’t plug the sleep-eliminating machine into your bouncy kids. Oh no, no)

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