Hitchens on Mormonism

Frontline and American Experience did a four-hour documentary on Mormonism which you can watch online. The program did a commendable job of presenting history mingled with assorted points of view in such a way that you are left with feelings ranging from unsympathetic skepticism to deep respect towards this prominent American-born religion.

Less compliementary is Christopher Hitchens’ exposition of the Mormon faith on Slate (an excerpt from his book God Is Not Great).

Not to give the impression that this is the only guy I’m reading, but Hitchens tickles me almost every time. He will go right out and make the most politically incorrect statements girded by a thick and extensive foundation of documented facts and raw logic so intimidating that all the true believer can do in response is get angry and walk off. I love it šŸ™‚ But I don’t think my Mormon friends will be as amused as I am.


5 responses to “Hitchens on Mormonism

  1. I don’t know too much about Mormonism’s beliefs, and I don’t really care. I will say that the Mormons whom I’ve known are individually wonderful people. From the ones I’ve met, and it’s mostly been limited to my dealings when I was in the armed forces, I’d be pleased as punch if I had a family as a next door neighbor, across the street, or in back of me.

  2. They are wonderful people. If I didn’t already have numerous Mormon friends and family to demonstrate that, I would have figured it out from the part of the Frontline program that showed the quickness and efficiency with which the Mormons arrived in person to help out during the Katrina disaster.

    Who knows, perhaps I would even start to like Harry Reid if I got to know him.

  3. I only know one Mormon family. They lived down the street from me in my last house (9 years ago). Since I moved, they have gotten a divorce. Apparently, he beat her regularly. They have two sons who went off to be missionaries (my understanding is Mormon teeens have to do this) and two girls. My daughter was friends with one of the girls. Not the best girl to be friends with, she used my daughter quite badly a few times, but by no means the worst either.

    I do not feel that this one family is a good representation of the entire Mormon population. I won’t make judgements of anyone else based on this one family.

    I have studied some of the Mormon beliefs. I watched a slightly campy video on how they all believe they will serve on another planet after they die and I’ve read some books. The best reference I can recommend is a book called “So What’s the Difference”. It compares every major religion to Christianity. I think Mormons would agree with the representation they get there.

    Bottom line, I won’t vote for/against a Mormon based just on this one issue.

  4. did you see michael kinsley’s review of hitchens’s new book in the new york times?

    “In God Distrust”

  5. Nice. I do hope to read that book.

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