Some perspective from Hitchens

Do you consider yourself a hawk?
I used to wish there was a useful term for those of us who thought American power should be used to remove psychopathic dictators.

So one day we’ll all see just how right you all were about Iraq?
No, I don’t think the argument will stop, perhaps forever. But when it does become the property of historians rather than propagandists and journalists, it’ll become plainer than it is to most people now that it was just. Most of what went wrong with it was that it was put off too long. What a lot of people wish is that the thing could have been skipped.

Or that Bush hadn’t been in charge. You don’t believe that?
No, I honestly don’t. Iraq was in such terrible shape as a society that it wouldn’t have mattered if Paul Bremer had been Pericles.

Yep. It is just, it was put off too long, and most of the bickering around the topic does seem to come down to all of us just wishing the thing could have been skipped. Pretty much sums up the whole affair. I wonder if history will record it that way.

Taken from an interview by Boris Kachka of New York Magazine.
H/T to Baudrillard’s Bastard


3 responses to “Some perspective from Hitchens

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  2. thanks for the link.

    check out “Recommended Reading” for a link to Hitchens’s most recent Vanity Fair article.

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