Warmongering US Presidents

Man, America has one helluva heritage of warmongering that begins from the top down. Just a few of our bloodiest presidents (they are also most of them liars, fascists, Christian fundamentalists, and oh yes, stupid too):

Madison — Got America involved in an unwinnable war he was not prepared for and made all kinds of blunders in its conduct. Fled the Capitol like a chickenhawk. Hated Blacks, Native Americans, and gays.

McKinley – The first Neocon? Entered into war with a foreign power for the purpose of “liberating” Cuba but soon showed his true Hegemonic colors.

Wilson — Neocon to the bone. Campaigned on a platform of peace but got us involved in an enormous war overseas for the stated purpose of “democracy” and “self-determination”. And that was some plan to win the peace, eh? A Christian fundamentalist who never stopped invoking the name of God in support of his policies. Opposed stem cell research. (I think)

FDR — Had been wanting to go to war long before we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, possibly revealing ulterior motives (oil perhaps?). Soon afterwards launched an invasion in Africa, which was not even the same country which attacked us! Spied on political opponents and abridged our rights like crazy. Tortured and detained Japanese civilians by the truckload.

Truman — A war criminal twice over. Got us involved in a war of choice on false pretexts that soon descended into quagmire. Did not listen to his generals. No timeline for withdrawal; our troops are occupiers to this day.

Lincoln — A divider, not a uniter. An American president out of touch with his people on a scale never seen since. His approval rating were so low that simply taking up the presidency was enough to make half the nation revolt! Unilaterally conducted an illegal and immoral war that resulted in casualties equaling 3% of the population. Did not adequately equip soldiers (most died of disease). Had no respect for the Constitution.


5 responses to “Warmongering US Presidents

  1. Conspiracy theorists will also tell you that the US Administration knew Pearl Harbor was going to happen; that’s why all the old, outmoded battleships were docked so neatly in the harbor, while the newer aircraft carriers were chillin’ (I think somewhere out near Midway).

    And when I read through your list, I ask myself, “is this the conflict created by a dominant culture that is not, Constitutionally, allowed to colonize?” Maybe most human alpha-male mentality sorts can’t help but want to colonize, and this is this shit we’re left with while they try to quench their thirst for conquest.

  2. Hi, Hydralisks. Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts on the Hitchens-Galloway debate.

    I read this post with great interest. It was certainly a difficult post to write. What warmongerers to include? What warmongerers to exclude?

    Your list excludes a crucial warmongerer: James K. Polk. Polk started a war with Mexico (1846-1848) that the U.S. “won”. Thanks to the war the U.S. acquired territory in the Southwest of North America that today includes the states of Califronia, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming.

    U.S. citizens must never forget Polk, the warmongerer.

  3. Well, ours has always been a nation that has prided ourselves in its culture and ideals to the point of wanting to spread(?)/share(?)/coerce(?) it around the world. We do follow in the tradition of the British. And yeah, maybe there is an inborn tendency for human males to want to do that.

  4. Yes, Polk! How could I have left him off the list?
    Thanks for your comment, Ortho. Sorry it was counted as spam for so long. I’ll look out for that more.

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